News: Angel Face Announce Debut LP and New Single

Angel Face, a new garage rock ‘n’ roll band hailing from the Far East, has partnered with Reno garage punk imprint Slovenly Recordings to release their second single of 2023 and debut album on December 22. 

These two releases conclude the band’s most productive year since coming onto Tokyo’s underground rock ‘n’ roll scene in 2021. As new as the band is, the members are long, steady names within Japanese garage punk lore, having toured Europe and the United States as members of Teengenerate and The Fadeaways with releases associated with Estrus, Sympathy For The Record Industry, Crypt, Dog Meat, Dirty Water, and a slew more. This band marks the second time Slovenly has partnered with Fink (guitars) on a release, having issued the Brand New Kid EP from his former band, The Raydios, back in 2015. Fink has this to say about his new chapter with his band. 

The first incarnation of Angel Face came in December 2020 when I left my former band, Ruler. A friend of mine asked me to form a garage band with him, Toyozo (bass) from Fadeaways, and some others. We managed to get a few rehearsals in but broke up because two of the other members got into a fight. However, Toyozo called me and asked if I wanted to form a new band with him because he felt my original songs were too good to waste!

“We somehow decided on Angel Face for the band’s name after the sax player from that old band, Angel, but don’t ask me to get into specifics, haha! We recruited Rayco on drums and started as a trio, played some gigs, wrote songs, and then made a demo of 15 tracks in December 2020. July 2021 is when Angel Face became a four-piece, and Hercules joined in as the vocalist; he was always at our shows and just danced his ass off up front, so we asked him to join! He also plays drums for Sensitive Lips and The Choosers.”

To mark the release, Slovenly are releasing the singles “You Ain’t My Angel” and “I Can’t Go Back” as the debut tracks and has confirmed that both releases are available in a limited quantity with only 666 for the LP and 333 for the new seven-inch. 

Angel Face will be playing around Japan over the next few months, and you can catch them on the following dates:

January 8 – Club Heavy Sick w/The Fadeaways, Car Crash, and Talent Show (Shibuya City – Tokyo)
January 11 – Pop! Pizza (Kamigyo Ward – Kyoto)
January 17 Club Heavy Sick w/Kim Salmon (Shibuya City – Tokyo)
March 9 – Daydream w/Small Speaker, The Geros (Kichijoji – Tokyo)
March 15 – Livehaus w/Stompin’ Riffraffs, SHE’S, Rock Juice (Shimokitazawa – Tokyo)

You can follow them on Instagram and X with preorders of the new record and single running through Slovenly Recordings.

Photo courtesy of Takada Yuko

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