AFI’s fifth album is almost old enough to drink this year.

At 20, The Art of Drowning release on Nitro Records is AFI at its highest stride. The Art of Drowning is the record that created interest from labels like Dreamworks who put out their next record Sing the Sorrow.

Davey Havok‘s voice and dark style really took shape with this record and the glimpse of greatness was cemented for future success. It’s a whole album, not a song or two that are exemplary.

The black, horror style was complimented nicely here with pop punk sensibility. The record is a package. The sound is undeniable theirs and traces of what AFI did with the Art of Drowning can be heard done better and better after each release they would make moving forward.

AFI’s influence on younger bands can be traced here too. It’s an autumn walk back to the turn of the century. The coming of age of their sound is undeniable and their influence with this record is important to a lot of future Warped Tour mainstays.


Joshua Maranhas is a Denver based writer and photographer born in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He specializes in 1990s hardcore, post-hardcore, and future punk rock.

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