Anniversary – Converge’s ‘Jane Doe’ Celebrates 20 Years

The fourth studio album from metalcore band Converge, Jane Doe, often cited as the band’s commercial breakthrough receiving universal acclaim, celebrates its 20-year anniversary today.

The album did not chart, but following its release, critics were quick to praise the lyrical content, production, and dynamic structure of the sounds and record as a whole.

The album has been included on a number of publications’ top metal/metalcore albums lists (Loudwire, Rock Sound, Rolling StoneDecibel, and more), with NPR Music including the LP on their list of “More Important ’00s Music.”

Author Lars Gotrich calls the album an “anomaly” in the metal scene, saying the band provided a template for what was to come, leaving hardcore “no choice but to evolve.”

He says, “In the midst of chaotic guitars and Jakob Bannon’s raw vocals, it’s still possible to peel back the shredded textures and cathartic yawps of this metallic hardcore masterpiece.”

The cover art of the album has since because synonymous and linked directly to the band, and Converge since released their live version of the album, Jane Live, in 2017.

Stream Jane Doe here:

For more from Converge, find them on their official website.

Photo courtesy of Converge

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