Anniversary: Dead Kennedys’ ‘Frankenchrist’ Turns 35

Dead Kennedys’ third studio album, Frankenchrist, is 35 years old today! The record showed the band’s sound evolving, with longer songs and more subtle instrumentation than their earlier, more hardcore material.

Of course there was still plenty of bite, with standouts like “Soup Is Good Food”, “M.T.V. – Get Off the Air” and the more overtly political “Stars and Stripes of Corruption”. Listen to the whole record below.

The other interesting backstory about Frankenchrist was its controversial artwork. Singer Jello Biafra had originally intended to use the H.R. Giger piece “Penis Landscape” for the cover. When the rest of the band vetoed the idea, it was included as a poster insert instead.

Biafra was later charged with distributing harmful material to children. While he was never convicted, the case nearly bankrupted his fledgling Alternative Tentacles Records. Look up “Penis Landscape” and judge for yourself!

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