Hüsker Dü‘s later era classic Candy Apple Grey is 35 years old! The Minneapolis trio’s second to last studio album saw them moving even further away from their hardcore punk roots. The truth is, Bob Mould and Grant Hart were too good of songwriters to stay in their punk box forever.

Candy Apple Grey was the band’s first album after signing to major label Warner Bros, and gave a glimpse of the band’s commercial potential. They were viewed as rising stars like U2 and R.E.M. Bands that were on the brink of escaping the underground and finding a much larger audience. Unfortunately, Hüsker Dü imploded before that could happen.

While Candy Apple Grey might not have been too popular with punks in 1986, time has proven its worth. It’s a crucial piece of the Hüskers’ significant studio legacy. Its great songs, catchy melodies and fuzzed out guitars certainly helped set the stage for the ascendancy of alternative and grunge a couple of years later.


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