Pezcore, the debut full-length album by Gainseville’s Less Than Jake was released on this day, August 22, in 1995 on Dill Records, and saw them become an important and influential addition to the third wave of ska and ska-punk. [Photos: Less Than Jake with Pepper, Red City Radio, and more at Warfield in San Francisco]

Including such stand-out tracks as “Liquor Store”, “My Very Own Flag”, “Boomtown”, and “Johny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts”, the album was reissued in 1996 on Asian Man Records, with a re-release on drummer Vinnie Fiorello’s Fuelled By Ramen in 2002 to celebrate the bands’ 10th anniversary and another re-issue in 2008 on the bands’ Sleep It Off Records with a live DVD included.

Less Than Jake Releases Lost At Home Sessions Vol. 1

Less Than Jake asserted themselves as leaders of the pack with this record by expertly combining the two genres they were masters of ska and punk; while other bands were playing either ska or punk songs, LTJ included their horn section in even the most hardcore punk tunes to create the iconic sound they’re known and loved for today.

Listen to the album on Spotify HERE, and follow the band on Twitter to stay up to date with new releases.


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