…And Out Comes the Wolves, released August 22, 1995, was the third full-length release from Rancid and saw them go all out with the ska influences, showing some similarities to Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman’s earlier endeavors in Operation Ivy.

The title was inspired by the label bidding war the newly-popular band had found themselves in (taken from a poem in Jim Carroll’s “The Basketball Diaries”), with the band sticking with Epitaph Records for …AOCtW and their next album, Life Won’t Wait, before moving to Armstrong’s own Hellcat Records (an offshoot of Epitaph) for Rancid 2000 and future releases.

The album spawned hit singles “Roots Radicals”, “Time Bomb” and “Ruby Soho”, and was certified gold just five months after its release. Jerry Finn produced, making it their second album without Brett Gurewitz at the helm.

The success from …And Out Come the Wolves saw Rancid achieve increased airplay on MTV and perform two songs from the album on “Saturday Night Live”. 

…And Out Come the Wolves is not just an iconic album in the Rancid discography, but one of the most influential to come out of the 90s punk rock scene.

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