Punk legends Rancid released their fifth studio album on August 1, 2000. Known to fans as Rancid [5]/ Rancid 2000 to distinguish from their 1993 debut self-titled album, it was the first Rancid album to be released on Tim Armstrong’s own Hellcat Records (a sub-label of their former home, Epitaph).

Rancid saw the return of Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz as producer, picking up form his work on ‘94’s Let’s Go and ‘95’s …And Out Come the Wolves, and continued on on the bands’ next four albums. 

The most hardcore-influenced release in their discography, Rancid has a distinctly different sound following 1998’s Life Won’t Wait, which had drawn comparison’s to The Clash’s Sandinista! for its roots reggae sound. 

While the album didn’t do as well commercially as the bands’ previous three albums, Rancid has become a fan favorite over the years. With it’s ’80s, East-Coast, hardcore sound, 22 tracks in just 38 minutes, it’s a just-over-half-hour of pure fury and adrenaline.

Opening with the break-neck speed of “Don Giovanni”, moving into the trademark Rancid sounds of “It’s Quite Alright” and “Let Me Go” (the only song on the album with a ska sound), there’s a few short, sharp shocks with Lars Frederikson-led vocals, like “I Am Forever” and “Loki.” “Blackhawk Down,” “Rwanda,” and “Radio Havana” are stand-out tracks with perfect sing-along choruses. 

The album has a balanced mix of Tim/Lars vocals and a few epic guitar solos with Matt Freeman’s bass-playing skills adding so much more to each song than just a bass line. Freeman’s gravelly, cookie-monster vocals shine on “Black Derby Jacket,” “Rigged on a Fix,” and “Reconciliation.” 

Rancid closes with “Golden Gate Fields,” the longest track on the record, and in comparison, it stands as a pretty mellow closer. It even has a farewell message from Tim: “OK, this is Rancid signing out for now, until next time, we’ll see you guys later.”

Listen to the album on Spotify here.


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