Freaky Styley has been called the closest the Red Hot Chili Peppers ever came to making a funk record. Produced by Parliament and Funkadelic’s George Clinton, it was recorded in Detroit, Michighan. The album was released by EMI America.

With Hillel Slovak returning to the band full-time from his other band, What Is This?, it’s the first of two albums Slovak recorded with the Chili Peppers before his death after a heroin overdose.

Slovak honed his playing skills with What Is This?, and the Chili Peppers had a definite sound. Their sound, grounded by the slap-pop of one of the greatest-ever, Flea, was elevated to the sky by Slovak’s down-stokes and inventive use of technology incorporated in his guitar rig.

“Hollywood (Africa),” with its healthy dose of horns, sets a tone carried throughout the record. Freaky Styley has a groove of it’s own in alternative music, and it’s a classic.

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Joshua Maranhas is a Denver based writer and photographer born in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He specializes in 1990s hardcore, post-hardcore, and future punk rock.

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