Today marks five years since Ontario alt-rockers The Dirty Nil released their debut full-length album, Higher Power, via Dine Alone Records.

Higher Power followed a whole heap of singles and EPs, starting with 2011’s “Fuckin’ Up Young”. The time between saw the band cover a David Bowie song, release a split 7” with Northern Primitive, and release a single through Fat Wreck Chords.

The album features a couple of re-recorded versions: “Wrestle Yü to Husker Dü” and “Zombie Eyed,” from the early 7”s, while opener “No Weaknesses” was the only single released from the album.

The band themselves took on producing roles, alongside Shehzaad Jiwani and Adam Bentley, as their first release for longtime home Dine Alone Records.

Higher Power didn’t disappoint the dedicated following they’d already established, with a raw and grungey garage punk sound, and gained the band a decent number of new fans to boot, spawning the release of their earlier singles and EP tracks, Minimum R&B, in 2017.

Putting The Dirty Nil on the map, Higher Power marks the inauguration of the band as a force to be reckoned with, as they continue five years later to release energetic and near-perfect alt-rock records free from mediocracy.

Listen to Higher Power below, and follow The Dirty Nil on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook.

Image courtesy of The Dirty Nil.


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