Post-hardcore band Touché Amoré’s fourth album, Stage Four, is celebrating its five-year anniversary today.

The album’s name not only references the number of albums the band had released up until then, and it referenced themes pervasive through the album and its lyrics, as singer Jeremy Bolm’s mother dying from cancer.

A review from Louder Sound references this narrative, calling it an “essential release” for the band:

“His pain and anger are all too real and evident, and his band deserve credit for channelling his words and turning them into a musical canvas,” Stephen Hill wrote, following the initial release. “When the closing track ends with a voicemail from his mother, after the music has built from barely audible minimalism to a breathless crescendo, it’s a moment that, if you’ve invested enough in this album, is unbelievably moving.”

While the album elicits an abundance of emotion, it makes for a tender and empathetic listen for those willing to listen to the duration and Bolm’s exercise in grief and loss.

Listen to the full Stage Four album here:

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Photo courtesy of Touché Amoré


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