Aree and The Pure Heart Release ‘Heartsongs’ EP Creating the Streetlight Punk Sound

Atlanta, GA based punk rock group, Aree and the Pure Heart, has partnered with Terminus City of Terminus Tees for the upcoming re-release of their EP, ‘Heartsongs’. They are also in the studio recording their much-anticipated full-length album with Terminus Music. Every song on their EP ‘Heartsongs’ is worth listening to, especially since the EP dives deep into new waters creating a new wave of a genre called “Streetlight Punk” and you can feel the sound of it on every track.

Aree Ogir, frontman and guitarist, for the band wrote the lyrics to the tracks off the EP straight from the heart while going through difficult times in his life. Ogir has a story and wants to tell the world through music and he does this majestically and flawless on the ‘Heartsongs’ EP. Take a listen to one of the tracks off the EP ‘Heartsongs’ titled “American Love” via soundcloud and get lost in the new sound.

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