We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of ex-Blitzkid frontman Argyle Goolsby’s new music video for his song “Mister Babadook” (watch it below). The track is taken from his latest release Darken Your Doorstep, which is available now through Argyle Goolsby’s online store, as well as iTunes.

Horror-punk veteran Argyle Goolsby commented on the video:

I wrote ‘Mister Babadook’ after seeing the movie ‘The Babadook’, and being overall impressed by the title character stalking throughout the film’s cracks and crevices. He reminded me of a creature that would have been found in a horror film from the silent era. Particularly the German expressionistic school of films where such figures glided in and out of reality distorting everything and everyone they encountered. Much like those films, it didn’t feel so much like a horror movie as much as it did a commentary on mental illness, and the effects of unresolved emotional trauma such as PTSD. All of this is reflected in the song’s lyrics and translated into the nostalgic sets we built for the video.

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About Argyle Goolsby:

Argyle Goolsby is a singer/songwriter/storyteller whose cauldron of boiling punk rock stock is seasoned with delicate deathrock sensibilities. Aside from co-founding the band Blitzkid, he has sang, played bass and toured in many other notable bands such as Doyle of the MISFITS, Bobby Steele’s Undead and Wednesday 13. He has played with many noted acts ranging from Danzig to Soulfly. A consummate live performer, Goolsby’s music and delivery appeal to a wide range of musical tastes.
He has repeatedly played (and occasionally headlined) many diverse festivals like M’era Luna, Summer Breeze, Whitby Goth Fest, Endlesssummer Fest, Amphi Fest, and Wave Gothik Treffen.

Most recently, Goolsby released Darken Your Doorstep in June of 2017 through his imprint label A Corpse With No Name Productions, followed by a European version released by Germany’s Ring of Fire Records, and distributed worldwide by Broken Silence Distribution.

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