We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Arms & Hearts’ new music video for their song “Fortitude” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming 2-track digital release, which is scheduled to be released through Real Ghost Records on November 20th. The digital release will be available as “Pay What You Want.”

Tell us about Arms & Hearts.

Arms & Hearts has been my project that has taken various different forms and is currently a solo project. It’s meant to reside within the acoustic punk world. It generally serves as a cathartic response to my (lack of) mental health and my experiences, with the hope that someone with similar experiences will find something in it.

You’re releasing “Fortitude” via Real Ghost Records on 20th November. What can we expect from this release?

BANJOS MAN. Someone finally let me put a banjo on a track. I fucking love banjos. I guess polar opposites between the two tracks, with “Fortitude” being fairly upbeat and “Dagger Eyes” being the opposite.

How did the release come about?

This was supposed to be a split released a while ago, but sometimes these things fall apart for various reasons. I did sit on these two recordings for a long time, and if I am totally honest with myself, I didn’t believe in them. It took conversations with some of my closest friends within this ‘scene’ – if you would call it that – to push myself out of my self-doubt and to get them out there.

Are there any strong lyrical themes throughout this release or other releases?

“Fortitude” is about struggling with something your passionate with but having the resilience or the ‘fortitude’ to keep on with it as a wider message. It was written about touring, feeling like a failure and the toll it can take on your mental health.

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Dagger Eyes” is the second track on the release, and Sam Clayton (the producer for this) really brought this one out as it has a much darker vibe to it.

Tour Dates:
1 December – Mancester at Gullivers
2 December – Leeds at Singleshot
3 December – Nottingham at The Angel
5 December – Peterborough at The Ostrich inn
6 December – Brighton at The Pipeline
7 December – London at The Unicorn

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