We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Brooklyn indie/dream-rock outfit Atlas Engine’s music video for their song “Shadow Dancer” (watch it below). The single is available for purchase/streaming here.

“Shadow Dancer,” together with summer release “Don’t Stop Now,” forms a two-part dialogue on how to move forward in the country’s current divisive climate. Where “Don’t Stop Now” is an optimistic call-to-arms, “Shadow Dancer” centers around the effects of false nostalgia.

The opening lines “There was a certain sound of summer that I’d trade lives to hear again / As I struggle to remember how the ocean felt back then” set the stage for the video’s narrative, which chronicles an escape from a harsh Brooklyn winter to sunny California.

The majority was filmed by songwriter Nick LaFalce on a recent trip out West. “Once winter settles in New York it’s always a little depressing, so a well-timed trip always goes a long way for keeping my sanity. And that basically mirrors the song’s theme of ‘false nostalgia as a means of comfort and escape’. Traveling alone allowed me to shamelessly get whatever shot I wanted: it definitely made going through airport security a lot more fun.”

In between shots of winter and warmth, footage of the band both live and in the studio (by band collaborator Codey Vargas) gives a closer look into Atlas Engine, both behind the scenes and out in the spotlight, serving as a great video introduction to the band.

About the band:

Nick LaFalce picked up a guitar at age six and never looked back – next was his father’s drum set, then the piano and everything else he could find along the way. From there, LaFalce played in numerous bands in New York (inc. BRAEVES, Terrible Terrible), but they all ended the same way: “I’ve been kicked out of enough bands to finally take the hint”, laughs LaFalce, 29. “You realize that if you have a vision for something, rather than forcing collaboration with others, you just need to trust and rely on yourself to make it happen.”

So Atlas Engine was born.

Atlas Engine’s signature blend of indie rock and dream pop features hook-filled anthems, soaring melodies, and evocative introspection. 2018 plans include a handful of singles and regional touring. Recent spots include Mercury Lounge w/ Loose Buttons, The Studio at Webster Hall w/ OWEL, and Knitting Factory w/ So Much Light.

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