Interview with Attic Abasement vocalist and guitarist Mike Rheinheimer
By John B. Moore | Photo by Nick Spath

It’s been more than five years since the guys in Attic Abasement last put out a full-length record, but that doesn’t mean they were taking a break. They spent that time playing live here and there, writing and recording—including a split LP with Nod in 2014—and ultimately, working on new material that made its way onto Dream News, their latest LP and first for Father/Daughter Records, which came out on May 27.

“We’ve been steady playing the whole time,” says Mike Rheinheimer, singer and guitarist for the Rochester, N.Y., band. “Not touring a bunch, but working on new songs and reformulations of old songs and reformulations of the band lineup.” That’s no small task, as Attic Abasement’s lineup has been ever-evolving, boasting more than a dozen members over the years. Along with Rheinheimer, the current lineup includes Keith Parkins on bass and Joe Parker on drums.

Between records, Rheinheimer also put in about six months with his friends’ band, Paleo, but Attic Abasement were never written off. “In my mind, there never was any sort of hiatus,” he says. “The songs are always churning.” 

While 2010’s Dancing is Depressing was primarily a solo effort, Dream News is a full band endeavor from arrangements to songwriting. In addition, while the debut was self-recorded and self-released, the band went into a proper studio this time around. “There’s a little more first person desperation apparent in Dancing, I think, content-wise,” Rheinheimer says. “I’d say Dream News is more observational, detached, and dreamy.”

As a new parent, it’s going to be tough to get out on the road to showcase these songs, but Rheinheimer plans to play shows here and there and the band will likely take on a few short Northeast tours. “My wife and I just had a baby in January, so that’s an awesome priority,” he says, rather understatedly. “I stay pretty busy with work and the house and other normal life stuff. You know, I’m 33.”

For now, fans can be content digging into the new album and waiting for the next one to surface. “We get together to work out new songs and work on different ways of playing the old ones to keep things crispy,” Rheinheimer says. “Got some fresh ones almost ready for the light.”

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