Avalon Landing Release “Only Kids” Music Video

Las Vegas alt-rockers Avalon Landing have released a video for their new single “Only Kids” (watch it below). You can download the single on iTunes or stream it on Spotify.

The band has already shared stages with the likes of Imagine Dragons and Andrew McMahon and will make an appearance at LA’s The Viper Room on February 11.

Upcoming Shows:
February 2  – Vegas Music Summit/Backstage Bar & Billiards- Las Vegas, NV
February 10 – The Viper Room- West Hollywood
June 23-25 – Bonanza Campout- Heber City, UT

About Avalon Landing:

Avalon Landing quickly established themselves as natural born songwriters after gaining regular radio airplay with homemade demos, all before ever releasing an official album or single. From humble beginnings in upstate New York, to the bright lights and fast pace of Las Vegas, their story is being told through music.

Josh Rabenold intertwines his masterful vocal arrangements and penchant for nostalgic lyrics with a punchy indie rock drive that never looks back. The ability to layer many diverse musical styles ranging from Zimmer-esque string orchestrations to club ready hip-hop beats allows Avalon Landing to traverse any musical landscape with inconceivable ease.

Perhaps the journey of Avalon Landing is best illustrated in the gut-punching relentlessness of “Only Kids” with its anthemic chorus and powerful mid-section that invigorates the listener by throwing them down a rabbit hole of chaotic drums and swirling feedback before bringing the song home with a soaring solo from guitarist Clayton Cobb.

Avalon Landing’s journey may be further illustrated in the ebullient pop euphoria of the frenetic “Insomnia,” with an addictive synth attack that yields only to an even more addictive vocal yearn from Rabenold. The song, wild and unapologetic, is glued together by a guitar that feels both patient and manic. “Insomnia” is a perfect euphemism for keeping yourself up all night, or maybe for packing your things and moving out west to chase a dream.

Avalon Landing is learning from the past with eyes fixed on the future. With an unrelenting drive and passion for all things music, Avalon Landing surely stands out in an era where there are more bands than ever before but fewer than ever on the charts, and where music is so accessible to everyone that your only hope is to write a truly great song.

“At the root of it, I think the definition of a great song has been the same forever,” says guitarist Mike Vargovich, “You can play it with all the bells and whistles, or you simply play it with just an acoustic guitar and it still has the same impact. That’s a great song.”

To see Avalon Landing live, and to witness recent addition Charlie Buice behind the drums, tearing into songs such as “Only Kids,” is to see music come alive. Since honing their skills, rising through the Las Vegas bar scene and onto stages with the likes of Imagine Dragons and Andrew McMahon, Avalon Landing has now coupled their exceptional studio work with a dynamic new live show that exhibits the same amount of range, ambition, and emotion we’ve come know in their recorded music.


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