Boston hardcore band Aviator have released a music video for their song “Heaven’s Gate.” The video showcases photos from the band’s four week tour in Europe, taken by their friend Hannes Meier. Meier joined the tour and produced the music video as well. “Heaven’s Gate” is a brand new song from Aviator, who are gearing up to release a new EP in in April of 2017. Heaven’s Gate b/w Death’s Door will be released via I.Corrupt Records (Europe/U.K.) & Head2Wall Records (U.S.). The two-track EP, recorded in Faust Studios’ “Basement of Hell” in Prague, Czech Republic, features guest drummer Joel Coan of The Felix Culpa who filled in with Aviator for the full run of the tour.

Pre-Order Heaven’s Gate b/w Death’s Door here


1. Heaven’s Gate
2. Death’s Door

Length: 07:59


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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