LA-based band Bad Omens will release their self-titled debut through Sumerian Records on August 19th. The album is currently available for pre-order. The band have also released the video for “The Fountain” (watch it below).

The band has been steadily building up a dedicated fanbase since its inception, touring with Born of Osiris, After the Burial, Veil of Maya, Upon a Burning Body, and Erra. Bad Omens also plan to tour extensively through the rest of 2016.

The band is excited and gearing up for the album release, with frontman Noah Sebastian saying, “When we began writing and recording our album, we made an agreement amongst each other that we would do it right, and do it in good taste. It was made clear the only thing that was off limits was pretending. There would be no half-assing, and no ‘settling’ on anything we didn’t truly enjoy or believe in, because nobody can ever take away your work from you if you’re able to genuinely do it for yourself.”

He continued, “With that being said, every song was written as if it would be our last, both sonically and lyrically. There are no gimmicks and there are no tricks. Every track is inspired by —sometimes even too specifically— to a true event, person, or point in time. I can say with total confidence that this record is as real as it can be, and I think that people will recognize that whether they know the story behind the song or not. These are our anthems for the broken, and our warnings for the damned. These are our Bad Omens.”

Bad Omens - Self Titled cover

Bad Omens Track Listing:
1) Glass Houses
2) Exit Wounds
3) The Worst In Me
4) F E R A L
5) Enough, Enough Now
6) Malice
7) Hedonist
8) Broken Youth
9) Crawl
10) The Letdown
11) Reprise (The Sound Of the End)
12) The Fountain

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