Houston-based whispery-punk K. Campbell has a quarantine release out, and we think you’re going to want to hear it. Comprised of two tracks, “Every Little Thing” and “Pretty Pictures,” his new seven-inch is both incredibly sweet and powerfully calming.

Like the feeling of falling asleep in the shade of a big oak tree on a hot summer day, or snuggling up with someone under a pile of blankets to watch your favorite movie (Terry Gilliam’s Brazil). Even if neither of these songs end up being your favorite, we’re willing to bet that they will at least remind you of some of your favorite things.

K. Campbell busted his first big move out on the Houston scene with his debut 2017 LP Pure Pop For Jaded Punks, a fairly jangly and straightforward exhibition of ’90s aping pop-punk that gained numerous, and favorable, comparisons to Jeff Rosenstock. Campbell has honestly only gotten better since his initial release, cultivating a softer, more refined, and lushly composed sound that will remind you of Elliot Smith first, and pop-endowed Conor Oberst at a distant, but recognizable, second.

It’s a little sneaky, but very welcome, how the track on his new seven-inch start with their main riff right out the gate, homesteading in your heart before you even realize you dig the groove. Superb songcraft, with saccharine chutzpah. You got to admire his moxie.

The seven-inch kicks off with the bendy simmer of “Every Little Thing,” which is sweet as pure sugar-cane as it blossoms in your ears like a nervous revelation or anxious, lovelorn daymare slowly peculating to the surface of your consciousness to occupy your mind.

“Pretty Pictures” is similarly syrupy but with a little more sand in the gears, thanks to a pushy gospel organ and bottom-end favoring production, that carries on with slightly seared guitar distortion a factor that adds a bitter-charcoaly note to its otherwise buttery tones.

K. Campbell continues to mature as an artist and songwriter, and it’s exciting to see him hone his craft with each successive seven-inch. We’re going to be in for a real good mess of feels and delightfully wheeling, spilling, guitar speels once he gets around to putting together another full LP. In the meantime, you can stream his entire seven-inch below via Bandcamp.

All proceeds from the sale of this record go to Mutual Aid Houston, a BIPOC-led collective in Houston, Texas.

Check out this adorable animated video for “Every Little Thing” by illustrator and creative genius Christina Lee:

Get a copy of the seven-inch on vinyl and cassette here.


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