Bandcamp of the Day: 13 Necklace

13 Necklace are an indie rock band from Brooklyn.

They’ve just put out a new album called 13N on Candlepin Records, and it’s currently available on their label’s Bandcamp page. It’s got a very early-2000s emo vibe mixed with a ‘90s grunge vibe. The album starts with the classically emo “Jn the Middle.”

“Human Hands” has vague elements of early Lucero’s country-by-way-of-emo style. “Tarantulangel” has hints of Nada Surf, be it modern Nada Surf or the post-grungy ‘90s iteration; take your pick. “Like a Dove” is reminiscent of the grungier early Weezer.

“Kristian Brothers” closes the album out with a grungey slow trod that could have fit in perfectly on any alternative rock station circa 1995. It’s a really fun throwback to some of the most fun eras in alt-rock history.

You can follow Candlepin Records on Instagram for future updates.

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