Bandcamp of the Day: Adarash Arjun

Adarash Arjun is a progressive metal solo artist from Kerala, India.

He recently put out a new instrumental album called Aches and Echoes that’s currently available on his Bandcamp page. It starts off with “Once Upon a Time” which begins with a softer proggy vibe to it before the harder metal edge comes in.

“Hide N Seek” is a surprisingly light-hearted and upbeat song that still has some really impressive metal riffs. “Moments to Memories” keeps up the trend of shockingly happy metal songs. “Existential Misery,” as the title suggests, gets much more melancholy while still keeping that impressive guitar work. Penultimate track “I Can’t Breathe” is probably the most traditional metal track on the album and it absolutely rips. Finally “Tirade” is a big, epic, progressive metal track that ends the album with something more complex and intricate, making for a real demonstration of skill.

Make sure to follow Arjun on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

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