Bandcamp of the Day: Amulet

Amulet are a dark alternative band from Washington, D.C.

They recently put out a remixes EP called Perfect Fusion, which features remixes of tracks from their 2021 album House of Black + White featuring remixes from the likes of The Joy Thieves, 11Grams, Red This Ever, and even Stabbing Westward.

Starting with The Joy Thieves remix of “Out of Control,” the album gets off to a great start with a fast, electronic beat that perfectly compliments the femme vocals, creating a track reminiscent of Garbage. Stabbing Westward then takes a stab at the song “Last Ditch,” giving it all of Stabbing Westward’s trademark gothic electronic style. The chorus is particularly gorgeous. 11Grams and This Droid take on a track called “Vampire” which really creates a perfectly dark atmosphere for the dark poetry of the lyrics. Finally unitcode:machine take a turn at a song called “Falling Down,” giving it a great dance beat while keeping that gothic energy.

If you like what you hear, you can follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for further updates.

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