Singer-songwriter, keyboardist, and producer Ashia Iris currently resides in Los Angeles. Ashia Iris (pronounced Ash-ee-uh Ai-ruhs) draws influence from a range of artists including, ODESZA, Louis the Child, Pink, and Björk to name a few. Released February 29, “Flow” is her elegant debut single about LOVE, but not your typical kind of love. 

Ashia says, “‘Flow’ was written when I was processing a difficult breakup. So I went to God, who IS love, for help. I let the insecurities and pain out of me. In this song, I’m telling Love that I won’t let him go, cause he’s worth my attention and affection. I’m aligning myself with his thoughts about me, the breakup, and everything else in life. I activity choose to FLOW with his spirit and heal in the process.

“And no matter if we have different spiritual beliefs, ethnic background, political views, or ideals, we can all relate to the living through painful circumstances in one way or another, all while having an innate desire ‘to love’ and ‘be loved.’ I want to bring real joy, hope that won’t disappoint, and rich life to as many people as I can.” 

With elements of pop, R&B, and experimental elements, “Flow” breathes energy from an artist that’s simply being as true to herself as possible. An outstanding debut from a sensational songwriter. 

Follow her on Bandcamp here. 


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