Bandcamp of the Day: Astral Sleep

Astral Sleep are a doom metal band from Finland.

They recently put out their latest album called We Are Already Living in the End of Times on Saarni Records. The first two tracks of the album are streaming on their Bandcamp now, with the rest available to purchase either digitally or on CD or vinyl.

First we get the title track opening the album, which begins with almost a full two minutes of just a wall of noise before the melodies come in. When they do come in, they’re still heavy and foreboding and leaves you in a very dark place. The Bandcamp even has an animated lyric video to add to the apocalyptic sense of doom. Then “Torment in Existence” distinguishes the guitars a little bit so you can hear the heavy instrumentation instead of it all just blending into noise, but with the same snarling, harsh vocals as the first track. It definitely bodes well for the rest of the album.

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