Bandcamp of the Day: Below a Silent Sky

Happy Friday, y’all! Below a Silent Sky are a post-metal doom act out of Ilmenau, Germany. Their third album, Walls of Light, drops November 3, and the first two singles, “The Center” and “TON,” are currently streaming on their Bandcamp where you can also pre-order the album on vinyl.

“The Center” is a sprawling epic at nearly 15 full minutes in length. Still, it has distinct movements, songs within songs, joined by loose connective tissue. The first two or three minutes are filled with just classic grungy, sludgy doom until the song comes to an abrupt halt and enters a more experimental realm of ambient noise and negative space. After the four-minute mark, it slowly grows into a post-metal opus. Around the 10-minute mark, it then grinds to a second halt as the slow doom sludge and the experimental guitar make for a sinister atmosphere. It moves forward into a wall of noise that eventually comes to a brilliant catharsis at the end of a long journey.

“TON” is about half as long and feels more like one coherent song than a series of vignettes the way “The Center” does. Still, it’s an epic post-metal production that rages powerful guitars and mesmerizes with swirling solos and rhythms. It’s promises to be an outstanding full album when it drops next week.

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Photo courtesy of Below a Silent Sky

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