Toronto’s Bliss Fields are a new shoegaze band. They’ve explained to Brooklyn Vegan (and elsewhere) that the band actually emerged out of another band with a similar sound called iris. In fact, if you asked them directly, some of the members might even say that Bliss Fields and iris are the same band (despite having overlapping, but different lineups)… and they might be right about that.

However, Bliss Fields still feel like a fresh start, and that’s more or less the mood of their debut, self-titled EP—that is, one of new beginnings. A genesis in sound.

Bliss Fields’ debut EP is characterized by soft, quiet guitars comprised of fine textures and grains, reminiscent of kitten fur. There are moments when the temperature rises and a fever of feedback threatens to overcook the whole mix, such as on the manic collapse of “Peal,” but for the most part, the band keep things copacetic.

“What Kills You” has an alluring adolescent wryness to it, like a pop-punk band attempting to write a Pixies homage and landing within spitting distance of Hum’s “Isle of the Cheetah,” and the warm clash and airy glide of “Touch” feel like making out while skydiving during a fireworks display, with shockwaves of sound and light buffeting the plummeting forms of you and your lover.

Buy and stream Bliss Fields’ self-titled EP below via Bandcamp:

Vinyl preorders can be found via Acrobat Unstable here.

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