Bandcamp of the Day: Brackish

Brackish are a post-industrial harsh noise act from Brisbane, Australia. They recently released a new EP called Lithopedion and it’s currently streaming on their Bandcamp, where you can also order the album on cassette.

The EP starts with “Raised on Grindr” and it becomes clear from the get-go that this artist wasn’t kidding about the “harsh noise” part. The track is made up of sound effects that create an abrasive soundscape of explosions and static, forming a cacophonous noise experiment.

“Dora’s Morbid Craving for Revenge” becomes vaguely musical to give some structure to the bizarre sounds being made. “Ruined Orgasm, Vanishing Mediator” then comes back with, again, a wall of pure noise that never really reaches any level of musicality, instead becoming more of an experiment than a song. Finally, the 16-minute-long closing track, “Catamite,” featuring guest artist Aurinko, has a lot of musical elements, but they end up being twisted and distorted and used out of context until they create, once again, harsh noise. It’s a fascinating experiment for true lovers of the experimental.

Brackish doesn’t have a social media profile, but you can keep up with them on their blog.

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