Broken Baby and Egg Drop Soup have teamed up for a short, sweet, and delicious split for Poor Man Records. Both bands are happy to splash around in the high-gloss pools of early ’00s garage revival, blending punk and classic, buzzy guitar chops which pattern snake shaped grooves as they wind around the neck of the patriarchy, making it blue with fear, sexual frustration, and general lack of oxygen.

Broken Baby has a slightly flashier aestectic and style which lends itself pretty well to opening a sky light in clubs across the US as they blow the room off night after night, city after city. They have a sound that is right at home in booze lacquered bars, and amongst stained billard tables, as it rings out through a sweat heavy haze created by hurricanes of denim drapped bodies cresting and crashing into each other like the tides of a sky-hewd, cotton clad sea. This spaces and this style of rock and roll has been dominated by dudes since day one, so it’s always good to see someone like Amber Bollinger stepping in and commanding space with such uncompromising energy, specially on the slick, slice and skewer of “Madonna’s a Dick.”

The all woman rock-trio, Egg Drop Soup are a little more ragged and rumbunctious on their side of the joint release. More propulsive than playful, with a raw and bad mannered approach that slips between rat-fur lined melo-punk through into washy, psychedelic passages of wooly, pink elephant pagentry. Anything could go, and usually does, as demonstrated on the filth diving “Whiskey Priest,” and the nervey, acid washed bellow of “Or Durves.”

You can buy and stream this dicey split via Bandcamp below:

Get a copy of this split on vinyl from Poor Man Records here.


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