Bandcamp of the Day: Cape Crush

Cape Crush are a power-pop/emo band from the North Shore of Massachusetts.

They recently released a new EP called San Souci on Ancient Injury Records. It’s streaming on their Bandcamp now.

The title of the EP roughly translates to “Carefree” in French. And the opening track, “Avec Souci,” translates to “With Concern.” “Avec Souci” starts things off with a really infectious guitar riff and some really viscerally nostalgic lyrics. Then the title track picks things up a little bit, gaining a little more speed. The chorus is beautifully sung and has just a killer pop hook.

“Sandwich Wars,” presumably named after the Cape Cod town of Sandwich, Massachusetts, is delivered without sentiment but more with a sense of unabashed confidence and swagger. Vocalist Ali Lipman has an outstanding singing voice that hits amazing high notes on this track. Then “Sunny & Boone” rides in on a really great, undistorted riff that’s supported by the catchy keyboard sounds in the background. When the catchy-as-hell chorus comes in, it’s like a huge release of emo energy.

“Mother’s Day” is a more traditional emo track in how melancholy it is. The rhythm almost seems to resemble a ballet, and you can imagine a sad, tragic dance to this heartfelt song. Finally “Del Water Gap” slows things down even more, starting off as a classic emo ballad reminiscent of the best Get Up Kids closing tracks. But then it picks up its tempo and becomes more of a pop-punk tune, but there’s still this vague strain of sadness that runs through the track. It’s a perfect way to end an emo EP.

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