Our Bandcamp of the day today is Carrion Spring in honor of their self-titled album out last month.

“Carrion Spring, the title of our new album, also the title of our band, is a name we gleaned from the philosophical writing of E.M Cioran,” the band says. “As the snow melts in the months of spring, carrion are exposed following a brutal winter of those who did not survive. This album is years in the making, not just from the ineffable love we have for playing music together all these years, but far deeper aspects of the human experience.

“This album embodies years of painful loss—loss of people who were extremely close, like a best friend, a partner, a family member. Losses that were dreadfully too early, and some taken on their own volition. It took years for us to pick up where we continually left off in the writing process. At the start of writing this album, one member was just coming out of a years-long flare-up with a serious, life-threatening illness. Everyone in some way was grappling with how to process significant life events, the kind that mess you up real bad and force you to existentially face certain realities.

“Meanwhile, our country continues to struggle against escalating political turmoil, social divisiveness, and a burning world experiences the traumatic shifts of climate change, likely the greatest existential threat to us all. We seek hope, and maybe it’s there, maybe we express that in some of the album’s instrumentals, but honestly, it feels overshadowed by all the aforementioned themes. It feels like a dark place, and I suppose it is. It’s real, and we wrote from this place. We scream from this place.”

They are also currently on tour:

Check out the record and snag it on Bandcamp. 


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