Bandcamp of the Day: Catafalque

Catafalque are a harsh noise drone doom metal outfit out of the U.K. They have a new album coming out October 13 called Dybbuk and the first single, “Infestation,” is streaming now on their Bandcamp where you can also pre-order the album on CD and vinyl.

“Infestation” is an epic 13-minute track on the edge of musicality, almost venturing into non-musical noise. Still, for all the droning, borderline static sounds, there’s also something like a chanting or a hymn the works its way up slowly in the background of the track. It creates an unexpected dose of melody in an otherwise wildly abrasive song, again marrying those musical and almost non-musical aspects. It makes for a fascinating sound experiment, and promises an extreme sound on the full album when it releases next month.

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