Australia-based Cauldron Black Ram released the title track to their highly anticipated Slaver LP. Due for release at the end of May via 20 Buck Spin, Slaver marks the outfit’s second album, and preorders are now open. Recorded by Andy ‘The Smiter’ Kite and mastered by Damon Good, the record also features cover art by Msanthropic Art, additional art by Konstantyn Kopacz / Warhead Art, and layout by Dan Capp.

Slaying enemies with demented grooves, dark thrash, and sludgy death metal soundscapes, Cauldron Black Ram declare almighty blows, rending limbs and dimming hopes. A grit-filled release from your darkest nightmares, the release is for fans of Aura Noir, Stargazer, Coffins, Autopsy, and Sacrifyx, to name a few. 

Check out more on Bandcamp. 


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