Celestial Sanctuary is a dark and brooding death metal band out of the UK. Their debut LP Soul Diminished leans heavily into the sounds of Swe-death such as Grave, as well as doom-infused death metal in the vein of Asphyx, backed by a thoroughly savage d-beat. Think Gatecreeper with Power Trip’s rhythm section. This is some unrelenting cave-man shit! The ba nd are probably the first to declare themselves the New Wave of British Death Metal. I personally have no idea what that means, but they count bands like Venom Prison, Eternal Rot, Road Mutant as their peers, so at least you know they’re in good company. HIghlights on Soul Diminished include the spirit ravaging scourge “Celestial Sanctuary,” the militant canon-volley like groove barrage and appropriately crowned “Relentless Savagery,” and the arduous, brutalizing, head-cave claustrophobia of “Suffer Your Sentience.”

You can stream the entirety of Celestial Sanctuary’s debut LP Soul Diminished via Bandcamp below:

Get a physical copy of Soul Diminished via Redefining Darkness Records here.


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