If you’re a normal person and not a mutant, your relationship with Christmas music likey matches that described in the chart below:

Christmas music is not only painful to listen to but robs the season of any genuine humanity that it once possessed. Every waking moment you are in public from the end of October until the end of December, you are assailed by cheap, manufactured sounds reminding you to be merry and buy, buy, buy!

The consumerist thrust flattens all human mood and smooths out all edges and emotions until there is nothing left but a hollow desire to consume. The same dozen or so songs on rotation, year after year, rolling over with listless, dead-eyed revelry, like a corpse left to flop and fold over itself on a moving treadmill.

Hopefully, you can convince your loved ones to put something on while you cook and clean that has a little soul left in it this year, and if they insist on something seasonal, maybe you can convince them to give the new EP from Texas’s Chris Daily, Another Holiday Record, a try. There are some genuinely catchy tunes on it, like the classic, R & B styled croon of “Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas,” a garage-rock jamboree that is delightfully close to the retro-cool of Har Mar Superstar, or the sleepy, blues piano and guitar complimented balladry of “You I Miss (Midwinter Solstice).”

Sick of hearing about turkey and sugarplums? Take a sip of the spiced cumin-kick of the Coasters-spritzed and country-seasoned “Christmas Curry.” Or, maybe you’re just in the mood to bliss out. In that case, drop a tab of “Have You Ever Been (To Winter Wonderland)” and let its psychedelic drip-feed take you where you need to go.

Holidays are never perfect; they’re always to some degree nerve-racking and unpleasant, particularly this year. But, if our pick today helps take a little bit of the edge off, we’ll have done our job. Have a good and safe holiday from us at New Noise. Listen to some good tunes, and try not to stress out too much.

You can stream the entirety of Chris Daily’s Another Holiday Record below:

Get a copy of Another Holiday Record here.


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