Bandcamp of the Day: Cime

Cime are an art-punk band from Aliso Viejo, California.

They’re putting out a new live album on December 1 called Frida and the Filibusters Bid Farewell and Fall Asunder and the first single, “By the Bunches (Banana Dictatorship),” is streaming on their Bandcamp.

“By the Bunches (Banana Dictatorship)” is a really fun name for a song and an equally fun song on its own. Cime combines their art punk and noise rock styles with latin jazz, pulling in a seven-piece band with two guitarists, a keyboardist, a bassist, saxophone player, trumpet player, and a drummer. Still, while it’s a big, jazzy ensemble, there’s still something at the core of this project that is distinctly punk. It takes latin jazz and turns it into something abrasive, something noisy. It seems appropriate that this is a live album, as it would seem that a live setting is the best way to experience this band, and the live album will be the second best way when it comes out in December.

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