Bandcamp of the Day: Deceased

Deceased are a death metal band from Arlington, Virginia.

They just dropped a new seven-inch on Nameless Grave Records called The Triangle. It can be listened to digitally on their Bandcamp page where you can also order it on vinyl. The seven-inch is made up of the title track, which was recorded live in 2019, and two covers. “The Triangle” is one of those songs that finds itself sitting on that nebulous line between death metal and hardcore punk. For, while there are some killer guitar solos, most of the song is made up of furious, chord-based riffs. Recording the song live was probably a good idea; it adds a sense of immediacy and energy to the track.

It’s unclear who “Apocalypse Now” is a cover of, but the band again deliver a blistering death metal performance that probably could also be called hardcore punk if you felt like it. Then their cover of “Ilona (The Very Best),” originally by Italian metal band Bulldozer on their 1987 album IX, finds itself firmly back in heavy metal territory.

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