Japanese death metal cultists Defiled are our Bandcamp of the day following the release of their brand-new, live video for “Centuries,” which was shot at their last show in Tokyo.

Taken from their newest album Infinite Regress, “Centuries” marches through constant tempo changes colliding a whirlwind of technical change-ups and blast beats with pummeling, old-school riffage.

The band comments on the video: “We just finished self-isolating at our homes for 14 days since we got back to Japan on March 14, and all of us are alright with our health … Now it’s a difficult time for everybody in the world. Please stay healthy and be safe.”

Defiled released Infinite Regress on January 24, 2020 and have taken their brand of death metal further into unorthodox territory with this album. Each song drags the listener through irregular song structures that slam with bludgeoning blasts, erratic drum fills, unpredictable guitar work, and a heavily drenched, old-school attitude.

Infinite Regress tracklisting:

1. Intro
2. Divide and Conquer
3. Tragedy
4. Systematic Decomposition
5. So Blind
6. Legacy
7. Masses in Chaos
8. Centuries
9. Aftermath
10. Invisible War
11. Ignorant
12. Slaverobot
13. Infinite Regress
14. Outro

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