Bandcamp of the Day: Diffuse

Diffuse are a hardcore band out of Tampa, Florida.

They recently put out an eight-track, seven-inch record called Life Out of Balance on IOU Records. How do you fit eight tracks onto a seven-inch record, you ask? Hardcore, that’s how. The album is now streaming on their Bandcamp where you can also order it on vinyl. It’s also on their label’s Bandcamp.

The album is just some pure, classic hardcore, as evidenced by the first track “Such is Life” which is a burst of  energy that barely lasts more than a minute. The vocals are especially harsh on this album, as a femme voice thrashes about in pure fury. “Bullshit Lies” is technically the longest track on the album at 1:52, but it’s still a furious, mile-a-minute hardcore track.

“Buy My Book,” on the other hand, is the shortest track at only 1:06, and it’s probably the fastest, most concentrated hardcore on the record. Finally, “It’s On Us” ends the album in a furious blaze of glory the same way the album started.

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