Bandcamp of the Day: Dorian Shroom

Dorian Shroom are a hard rock band from Xanthi, Greece.

They put out a new album last year called Nothing is Sacred. It’s currently streaming on their Bandcamp page.

The record starts off with a song called “Panic Attack,” which literally opens with the sounds of a panic attack before shifting into some ripping hard rock featuring some classic British metal-style vocals and old-fashioned metal guitar solos. For all the metal and hard rock elements, it’s still got a great groove that makes it a very danceable song. “Unknown Love” featuring guest vocalist Etta Soi then takes things in a very different direction, as it slows way down but keeps those hard rock guitars and solos

“Birdman” starts off with a Bill Hicks soundbite in the background and then gets into some really proggy material. “Lightning Bolts” starts off with a twangy, Eagles-esque guitar that leads into a military-style drumbeat and more of those impressive classic guitar solos. Closing track “S7eps” starts out very clean and undistorted before building up into an absolutely epic ballad that builds up to an amazing crescendo with its swirling guitars. If you want a throwback to the earliest days of heavy metal and hard rock, particularly that classic British style, you’ll definitely want to check out this record.

The band are on Facebook and Instagram, and you should follow them to keep up with future updates on the band.

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