Bandcamp of the Day: Dronespell & the Omega Chord

Dronespell & the Omega Chord is an extreme metal project featuring members of Orthodox, Pylar, and Doce Fuegos.

They just put out their debut album Sorcery Anomalies on Sentencia Records and it’s currently streaming on their label’s Bandcamp page, where you can also order the album on cassette. All the tracks are epic journeys with most clocking in at over six minutes in length. “The Howling in Second” starts the record off with some ambient noises before building up some atmospheric sounds. “A Wellspring in Seven Steps” is similarly low key for a metal band with some strong power chords amidst ambient sound effects. The brilliantly titled “Defiled Are the Heliocentric Children, the Organ Master Said” really does a great job of ratcheting up the ambient tension. Closing track “Lowlands Pulse” gets really discordant, ending the album on a place of tension. This is a great listen for fans of ambient and experimental music.

The band doesn’t appear to have any social media presence, but you can follow their label on Facebook and Instagram for future updates.

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