Bandcamp of the Day: Elder Devil

Elder Devil are a grindcore band from Fresno, California.

They have a new LP coming out on June 16 called Everything Worth Loving on Prosthetic Records. The first two singles are currently streaming on the band’s Bandcamp page. There you can also preorder the album as a digital album, on vinyl, or on CD. There’s also videos for both of the first two singles up there.

The first track is called “Endless Need” and it’s a classic, grindcorestyle of burst of absolute sonic oblivion. The vocals have a particular yearning to them that really makes the track especially poignant. The video is trippy as hell, filled with a bunch of found images and videos from what look like VHS tapes. Then “My Body is an Earthen Shrine” slows things down just a little to find a good groove, but that yearning is still present in the vocals. The video for this one is a little more subdued as well, as its more live action and based in a narrative amidst beautiful and somber images of nature.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

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