Texas trio Exhalants are gearing up to drop their latest album Atonement on September 11, 2020 via Hex Records.

They just shared a new single off the album “Blackened” over at Cvlt Nation and the song hints the awesome pinch and punch that we can expect from the full album once it drops.

Exhalants are pretty forward about their influences, stating on their Bandcamp page that they draw influences from post-hardcore and noisecore groups like Unwound and Unsane. They’ve also garnered favorable comparisons to the likes of the Melvins, but to my ears their new album is leaning into the acerbic sludge of frequent tourmates WHORES. It’s a good direction for the band to head in and we’re looking forward to hearing the whole enchilada come September.

EXHALANTS, "Atonement" by Exhalants

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