Brisban-based Feculent are a four-piece death metal band who have funneled their overwhelming distrust for their fellow human beings who would exploit other’s vulnerabilities for personal gain into a barbarous exhibition in sound on their debut record, The Grotesque Arena.

Featuring members of Shackles, Snorlax, Resin Tomb, Descent, Siberian Hell Sounds, and Idle Ruin, Feculent diverges from some of its member’s other projects by submerging itself in the mire of acidic atmosphere. These songs are all extremely well textured with gore-rendering riffs, all tuned to a key that could plausibly cause your blood to curdle in your veins like a saucer of milk left in the microwave on high.

Vocalist MB sounds both vital and vile on The Grotesque Arena, but the real star of this album is the guitar work. And by star, I mean the grasping, five-pointed mow of a worm-like abomination that has sprung from the air vent above your head, and is not rapidly descending with a thirst for human brains and the desire to open your cranium like a can of beans. That’s the level of force that these riffs come at you with. And trust me, you’re going to remember some of these guitar lines like they were stapled to your forehead.

Opening track “The Grotesque Arena: Upon Splintered Bone” lumbers forward at a dread-beleaguered pace, whipped and goaded by miserable, lashing chords that are almost black metal-like in origin, push the song forward until it begs for death, but no such angle comes to claim it. “Host Consumed” has a thrashy wheeze to it, which sounds like the last breath of hope being squeezed from a human lung. “Weaponisation Of The Amygdala: Endless Warfare” is more of a straightforward, grind track, with some excessively squealy solos that splay out in all directions like the rebar of a column being crushed in a controlled demolish, a series of self-annihilating attacks that breaks the ice beneath its feet to unleash malicious jests of obsidian colored, Satanic riffs.

“Beneath Bedlam” is another fast track, as well as a surprisingly doomy one, exhuming the bog-man furry of similarly moss-brained and loathsome death metal acts like Innumerable Forms.

The Grotesque Arena leaves you with a few lasting scars on its way out the door, visited upon your flesh courtesy of the skin-loosening bruise and bone fracturing crunch of the calamitous closer, “The Grotesque Arena: A Perverse Spectacle.”

Sink into the suffering that Feculent has to offer for your perverse enjoyment by buying and/or streaming The Grotesque Arena below via Bandcamp below.

The Grotesque Arena is available on vinyl via Brilliant Emperor Records, and cassette thanks to Caligari Records


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