Bandcamp of the Day: Flatwounds

Flatwounds are a heavy grunge act out of Albany, New York. They recently put out a new album called Down which is currently streaming on their Bandcamp.

Down opens on “Down Under” which shows off some Scott Weiland-style vocals and Alice in Chains-style grungy melodies and guitar solos. Then the brief “Shadowed Limbs” provides some experimental guitar noise to back up a bizarre spoken word intro to the next track.

“Stomped Out Roach” slows down the band’s grungy approach so much that it almost ventures into doom sludge territory, while the vocals become a mesmerizing mantra. Finally “Hangman” finishes off the album with a more energetic track that reminds us that grunge is equally indebted to punk and metal, as the song pulls off the energy of one of Nirvana or Stone Temple Pilots’ faster tunes. If you miss the glory days of grunge, you’re going to love this EP.

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Photo courtesy of Flatwounds 

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