Chicago post-punk outfit Ganser just shared a new single, “Bad Form,” in advance of playing Riot Fest September 15. We’re making them Bandcamp of the day in advance of that iconic event.

The band has been recording material over the past six months towards their second album. Bad Form” is the cathartic reaction to a year-long songwriting period.

“When you’re in the middle of writing and recording, it’s very easy to fall into extreme feelings of guilt over procrastination, when you’re already stretched thin,” says bassist and vocalist Alicia Gaines. The song expresses a common-yet-isolating paralysis of not doing enough.

Nadia Garofalo’s agitated vocals for “Bad Form” represent the band’s collaborative writing process both lyrically and musically. “It’s nice to operate as a team and act as a unit that can take the burden of some really ugly inner talk,” they explain.

In the video, light blinds in a moment of paralysis. Quick cuts and surreal vignettes communicate the wishful thinking of being someone else, running in circles to no end, disorienting doubles and the blinding light of being seen.

First as a statement, then a command, the track ends with the mantra “Look at the sun,” accompanied by visceral, gnashing guitar by Charlie Landsman and punching drums from Brian Cundiff. The cacophony dovetails with Gaines’ methodical bass, as if willing anxiety to burn itself clean.

Check out more music via Bandcamp. 


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