Bandcamp of the Day: Glacier Eater

Glacier Eater are a melodic death metal band from Oakland, California.

They’re gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, Tempest, which drops tomorrow from the appropriately named Glacier Recordings. The first single, which is also the title track, is currently streaming on their label’s Bandcamp, where you can also pre-order the digital album.

“Tempest” is everything you could possibly want from a melodic death metal track. The solos are glorious and create powerful melodies that contrast beautifully with the screaming vocals and the powerful drumming. Still, the vocals, for all their screaming fury, bear more resemblance to hardcore punk vocals than the typical cookie-monster vocals associated with death metal. There’s also some very occasional gang vocals, which are more of a punk element than a death metal element. So it offers you everything you’ve come to expect from melodic death metal, along with a few things you didn’t. It certainly promises to be one hell of an album.

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Photo courtesy of Trey Derbes

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