The first thing you should probably know about Minneapolis’s Gully Boys is that there aren’t any boys in the band. Tomboys maybe, but none of the Nick Carter circa 2001 variety (although, if Nick offered to join the band, even today, I don’t know that they’d turn him down). Instead, the lineup is comprised of vocalist and guitarist Kathy Callahan, drummer Nadirah McGill, and bassist Natalie Klemond. That’s right; they’re classic punk rock, power trio configuration, and trust that they don’t need any help blowing your hair back on their latest EP, Favorite Son

Favorite Son isn’t the band’s debut record, not by a long shot, but it’s still an excellent introduction to their sound. A strain of melodic punk in the mold of Tsunami Bomb or Go Betty Go, that reaches for big ’80s style anthemic choruses and hooks. Now, this style was very big in the mid-00s, but what makes Gully Boys stand out most is the way they’ve shaved off the worn fringes of skate punk and melodic hardcore that are typically associated with their chosen style and replaced them with sturdier components acquired from the arena crashing punk of Metric (or sure) and possibly even Wale’s The Joy Formidable. I could definitely see Gully Boys playing First Avenue back in 2005 with the Soviettes and Against Me! on their Searching for a Former Clarity tour, and imagine them completely stealing the show. Especially when Kathy unleashes the whirlwind chorus of “The Way,” or after the patient revolution and ebb of the title track “Favorite Son” is allowed to gain terminal velocity and sweep its audience off their feet in the blustering triumph of its final measures. If you didn’t have a favorite son before, you should now. 

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Favorite Son is out via Get Better Records.

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