Bandcamp of the Day: Heemeyer

Heemeyer are a twin-bass doom sludge band from Staunton, Virginia.

They recently released their second album called Unreasonable on April 20, appropriately. It’s now streaming on their Bandcamp page.

“Dozer” kicks off the album with the hilarious intro: “This song is called ‘Dozer,’ and it’s about your fucking mother!” The song then launches into a few quick, spastic lurches of energy that sound almost punk or even funk-metal based, before settling into a more traditional sludge style with a slow and steady rhythm. “Extraction” continues the trend with another really fun rhythmic groove as the song moves along at typical sludge pace.

“Heaven’s Golden Gates” really makes use of those two basses, as the bass line in this track is really what carries everything from the beginning. “Crucifixion” does, too, with its fun bass opening that gives way to another deeply fun groove in the rhythm section. Finally, the hilariously titled “Stoned 2 Tha Bone” finishes off the album with one of the slowest tracks on the album, guaranteed to be the perfect accompaniment to your high.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for further updates.

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