Iceland-hailing, black metal act Helfró will be releasing their self titled debut album on April 24 via Season of Mist and we’re stoked to make them Bandcamp of the day.

The band just dropped the first single, “Afeitrun”, from this album, alongside a literally chilling music video. Give it a spin below!

Helfró comment:

“We’re thrilled to present ‘Afeitrun’, an odyssey into the boundless and bare wastelands of cold and despair.”

With the goal of this project being to create an aural representation of the “endless arctic darkness,” Helfró have hit the ground running with this first single. A near-endless battery of blast beats and furious guitars, “Afeitrun” is a great mark of the band’s capabilities, and hopefully the rest of this release follows suit.

Preorder the record here and check out their Bandcamp here


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